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01 April 2011

Combinations Of The Possible To Achieve The Impossible

Regardless of demographics, humans by nature are political beings. Any Cause that is fought for, has a hierarchy that is usually Pioneered by Leaders, Engineered by Loyal Followers (who for some later become their Leader's Successor), Managed by Trustees, while those still left remaining are perceived to be either their supporters, spectators, 'by-standers' or the un-informed.  A Cause would then be faced with a status-quo set of Adversities which are constituted by a similar hierarchy of Opponents, where both sides can vary in terms of magnitude, but yet they Compete with one another for maximum territory.

'Territory' here includes elements of influence, obedience, resources, legacy, geography or glory.  The objective of the competition is usually to introduce, to maintain or to expand a territory by utilizing all or any Means necessary that are non-contradictory to the Cause itself and does not jeopardize the integrity of its constituents.  While the ordinary 'Means' are typically inclined towards diplomacy, more often the constraints of the Cause usually permeates unorthodox strategies that have been proven their effectiveness in times of necessity.

As the stakes of the Cause become higher, the possibility of a 'draw or stalemate' between the Competitors tend to diminish.  In this extreme circumstance however, both the victorious and the defeated despite their accomplishments, would still have been severed to a certain extent.  Therefore it is imperative that before such severity develops to a 'point of no return' and translates into tragic losses, the Cause must have its avenues and receive its fair share of compromise, that functions to intervene for the betterment of the common good. 

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