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27 May 2011

When Time Stands Still

Its fascinating when we frequently see how much of the truth does go into the saying that ‘’time and tide waits for no man’’.  However, if one decides to wait for the exact right time in order to do something, the odds of that perfectly right time presenting itself are extremely rare.  Hence people ought to make time for their hobbies, before they totally forget what was good to do once upon a time.

 Unlike habits and more like our fingerprints, hobbies relate to what one is personally compassionate about.  Ultimately, it is our hobbies that simply remind us of what it’s like to be a normal human being and they can change according to our surroundings just as easily like how the chameleon changes its colour.  Not only do we feel good when our hobby begins to kick in, we may even get lucky enough to look good when we are photographed while doing them, no matter how candid the shot may be.

Since time-travel is still purely science-fiction, having a hobby will have to do for the time being, for the most of us.  Where in some instances people actually get paid to do what they love, the rest tend to bear some form of cost in one way or the other.  Amazingly for as long as the mind believes in free will and the able body has the avenue to exercise that belief, there will always be room for people to have a hobby.

09 May 2011

In Between The Sick and The Sickening

In the dignified field of Medicine, seeing the kind of change that leads to the betterment of many others was long portrayed since the TV hit series of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.  Despite her being called names and sometimes treated as an outcast to the norms of our past society, one can’t escape from the inspirational moments brought about by the world seen through the eyes of the character Doctor MichaeLa ‘Mike’ Quinn.  Likewise, the continuing struggle is further depicted in a much more modern setting that can be seen through the character Doctor Susan Lewis in the episodes of E.R.

For every second of every minute of every day, countless lives are placed in the hands of medical authorities, staff and practitioners who day and night put their own irreplaceable lives at risk in the call of duty.  Not counting the years for them to get through medical school, it is a wonder to many of us regarding the kind of calibre that goes into the support and making of every doctor.  However, as the sick are in need of a cure, measures for the prevention of illness are more often relying upon an entirely different set of factors for which are mostly understandable, even though some are obviously just plain sickening.

Including veterinarians, doctors are those gifted ‘healers’ in which society can never do without.  For the right reasons, there is actually no harm for profiteers to bring the life-saving industry to its full potential, especially in the light of a potentially pandemic disease.  Nonetheless, when we try to rationalize biological weapons or animal testing, the only fragile issue left here is whether people’s ‘’raison d'ĂȘtre’’ are in making us feel very much alive, or they are in fact dwelling with equally pitiless folks who are insanely in it for the total opposite motive.               

04 May 2011

So What’s For Dessert ?

In a nutshell, what we should eat (food or beverage) whether we can or can’t, ought to be for our own good.  The total opposite of it, meaning that what we shouldn’t eat whether we can or can’t, would probably be harmful, especially if it is not taken in moderation.  So before our stomach bears the indulgences of our temptations, the question of whether we ‘live to eat’ as opposed to ‘eating to live’ both can and should be taken into careful consideration.  After all, next comes the task of oral hygiene, battling obesity, food allergy, avoiding food poisoning and in some cases involves being prepared to perform the Heimlich Maneuver that can save a life.  

Unless he or she plays the part of acting in good faith as ‘’The Cookie Monster’’ of Sesame Street, always remember the need to observe acceptable or the expected table manners.  On some occasions, dining etiquette is an essential know-how or at the very least bit of courtesy is not to talk when one’s mouth is full, or chewing without one’s mouth open.  In the company of others, these are good eating habits that are worth keeping around where there is also no universal rule as to how early one is trained for them.

In being grateful for the food that’s on the table, we must never forget that there will always be people who are faced with extreme hunger, food contamination and food rationing.  As world food shortages become adamant even for vegetarians, it is always a good practice of determining whether one does have the stomach for something.  In other words since we are what we eat, so does it tend to influence and attract who we’d typically end up eating with.