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05 April 2013

MacGyver~ing To A Vantage Point With Hands Tied Behind Your Back

From Nizzam, The Father of Arwah Bayi AdeLia:
Saturday 6 April 2013;
11 am morning, from Shah ALam (Malaysia).

The failure to negate the grounds of one’s limitations, is just as destructive as letting limitations indefinitely determine one’s course of action.  A testament if this was far from the truth, would render even the construction of The Great Wall of China to be incomplete until this day.  We could also add that unless Rome was actually built in a day, it’s far more responsible and non-cowardice to adapt perseverance as the prime element to overcome the threshold of our limitations.

Perseverance however, carries a meaning that absolutely distinguishes itself from the words uniform, rigid, repetition, routine, replica or even conventional (just to name a few).  Depending on how extensive a particular limitation was left to fester, perseverance first requires a realistic optimist to seize the most opportune moment for an entirely renewed perspective.  From then on, all that is left is for him or her to harness a gritty willpower from that perspective that prevents such limitations from becoming negatively aggravated.

No matter how awkward, illogical or embarrassing it may be, there will be times when a Hard~Nosed Level of Self Respect is the indispensable catalyst for perseverance to really give anyone a “run for their money”.  Notwithstanding all the metaphors known and uttered, merely claiming to persevere will not do the trick, unless there is a degree of self respect that enables you to live by them.  Otherwise it might as well wrap up to be another pretext to not associate your everyday practices to definite sins.