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25 February 2011

We Live In Sovereignty

The definition given by Wikipedia for Sovereignty, quote  ‘’ the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a geographic area, such as a territory.[1] It can be found in a power to rule and make law that rests on a political fact for which no purely legal explanation can be provided...’’,un-quote.

Sovereignty provides an avenue for its citizens to fully live their lives in freedom, but at the same time consumes a lot of combined efforts that are sometimes obvious and sometimes otherwise, in order for it to meaningly last from generation to generation.  This is why a humble sense of respect must be attributed to those before and whom are still with us, that have dedicated their careers, to some extent their own lives and livelihood for the sake of preserving sovereignty.  What brings some form of comfort feeling, is that most, if not all of their contributions are acknowledged publically by way of tradition, legacies, distinguished ceremonies, social status titles, medals and official ranks that require tactful merit to qualify oneself for them.

For the civic minded and for a civilized society, both are in need of a balanced  co-existence between those who are by destiny entrusted to safeguard a country’s sovereignty, with the rest who have the duty to uphold it.  It isn’t so difficult to picture a chaotic destruction of a conquered state that had been sophisticatedly weakened because of the absence of sovereignty.

24 February 2011

Entertainment Is A Must

Entertainment is meant to bring a sense of pleasure and enjoyment to its audience.  These days, they spectacularly appeal and appear in many forms, via music, movies, sports, electronics, print-media, video games and their channels are non-exhaustive.  Without entertainment, people will find it difficult to physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually detach themselves from the also many types of pressure, pain, frustrations that do negatively affect one's state of mind.

Interestingly enough, behind the scene of an entertainment media (or medium), they are complex to invent, introduce and sustain their audiences's acceptance that are influenced by current trends.  However, nostalgic (or sentimental) forms of entertainment such as playing cards and board games, have been around for quite sometime and has lasted eversince.  One can only imagine how creative was the brainchild behind the idea which has spurred various other human talents that were necessary to turn the conceptual idea into a reality.

Evidentally to fully appreciate what it takes to keep us entertained, is to embrace the embedded elements that it uses to relate to our individual and unique personalities.  Provided that the choice of entertainment is taken by us in moderation, entertainment can be a cause for a person to develop positive characters and reflect their inclination by way of emotions, tangible belongings and even be a strong determinant of the sort of people we allow to become part of our lives.

17 February 2011

Where Next Do We Go From Here ?

From China (with an estimated population of 1,335,830,000 people) to the estimated population of 50 people for Pitcalm Islands, 223 or more countries are currently existing in the world.  That leads to a rough figure of 6.8billion people of the world today, who are living their lives, fixed in one place or the other, or are fortunate to have the opportunity to live and travel from place to place, from time to time.

Whether it is for work or for personal reasons, people travel or go on vacation because they are in search of something that can't be found from where they came from.  Being away for how long, depends on how difficult and how much of that something is needed, before the traveller's return journey takes place.

Most important are those souvenirs on the return trip that accompany the traveller. Unless the souvenirs are suffice to represent the reason for the trip in the beginning, then there's no telling when and if the traveller will ever free-willingly decide to return.  If the traveller does return despite of it, it will just be a matter of time before the traveller decides to take-off again.  Again it will be in search of that same something that's missing, only this time the traveller may still or may not be going at it alone.

Shopping Via Paper or Plastic ?

With too many wonderful products that hit our retailers today, one wonders whether the human thirst for belongings will ever end.  Although economics have taught us of the fine line between needs, wants, and limited resources, it tends to be over-looked, once temptations and convenience comes into the picture. 

So when the urge to shop comes, it is perfectly alright as long as we can convince ourselves that we truly deserve to own the item that we want.  Then comes the issues of timing, usefulness, necessity and whether we can endure to live happily without the item, at least for the time being without going through too much of self-torment.   

Paper money (or cash payments) will usually clear our rationale before we  intend to go shopping.  Plastic money (or credit cards) also have their benefits, when used by the right person, for the right reasons and at the right places.  If people were to suddenly stop spending, mind you that the economy is just as fragile and catastrophic as a budget that has gone wrong.

16 February 2011

Always Put Our Family Interests First

Whether we be mainly inclined to our careers, or to our kids, the basic motivation that keeps us going strong in going forward, is the thought of not letting down the people who care about and depend on us.  Regardless whether a person's profession is a politician, athlete, retailer or even a celebrity, we naturally are most relaxed when we return to the place we call home.

Hence the saying, 'home sweet home', 'my home is my heaven', it may be as far as our hometown in the outskirts, or to the families of friends who touch our emotions and inner thoughts in a unique way as compared to our co-workers, business partners, subordinates, whom we spend at least 8 hours per weekday with.

For as long as someone is there, waiting for us to return from our duties, they will always make us forget to be the person or character that we portray ourselves to be when we are at work...And if someone isn't there yet, then perhaps there's no harm in doing some waiting or searching for that someone instead.

But the situation that one can only ponder upon, is when that someone used to be around waiting for us, who for some reason is no longer there for us anymore.  So lets cherish the moment and never should we take anything or that someone for granted.

15 February 2011

Memories Of Our First Day of Work On Our First Job

Your first work day began the moment you stepped out of your house. On the way to work, you would have never known when you would actually come into contact with your co-workers or boss.  When you had finally made it to your new workplace, you must have taken a deep breath and walked in with a smile on your face. Perhaps your head was kept constantly and confidently up high and you were always remembering to make eye contact when communicating with others. Naturally politeness and friendliness to everyone you encountered, whether it was the receptionist or the mailroom clerk, your colleagues or your new boss, would have exhausted you enough for the whole week, on just that first one day.