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16 February 2011

Always Put Our Family Interests First

Whether we be mainly inclined to our careers, or to our kids, the basic motivation that keeps us going strong in going forward, is the thought of not letting down the people who care about and depend on us.  Regardless whether a person's profession is a politician, athlete, retailer or even a celebrity, we naturally are most relaxed when we return to the place we call home.

Hence the saying, 'home sweet home', 'my home is my heaven', it may be as far as our hometown in the outskirts, or to the families of friends who touch our emotions and inner thoughts in a unique way as compared to our co-workers, business partners, subordinates, whom we spend at least 8 hours per weekday with.

For as long as someone is there, waiting for us to return from our duties, they will always make us forget to be the person or character that we portray ourselves to be when we are at work...And if someone isn't there yet, then perhaps there's no harm in doing some waiting or searching for that someone instead.

But the situation that one can only ponder upon, is when that someone used to be around waiting for us, who for some reason is no longer there for us anymore.  So lets cherish the moment and never should we take anything or that someone for granted.

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