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17 February 2011

Shopping Via Paper or Plastic ?

With too many wonderful products that hit our retailers today, one wonders whether the human thirst for belongings will ever end.  Although economics have taught us of the fine line between needs, wants, and limited resources, it tends to be over-looked, once temptations and convenience comes into the picture. 

So when the urge to shop comes, it is perfectly alright as long as we can convince ourselves that we truly deserve to own the item that we want.  Then comes the issues of timing, usefulness, necessity and whether we can endure to live happily without the item, at least for the time being without going through too much of self-torment.   

Paper money (or cash payments) will usually clear our rationale before we  intend to go shopping.  Plastic money (or credit cards) also have their benefits, when used by the right person, for the right reasons and at the right places.  If people were to suddenly stop spending, mind you that the economy is just as fragile and catastrophic as a budget that has gone wrong.

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