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24 March 2012

Never Under-Estimate The Power Of One

From Nizzam, The Father of Arwah Bayi AdeLia:
Tuesday 14 February 2012;
9:10 pm night, from Putrajaya (Malaysia).

Respectfully to the readers of My Auntie Huda's Mamasita-Mamamia Blogspot.

I personally extend my gratitude and thanks for your moral support and advice, where to be given such an overwhelming audience does reflect that people still choose to act civil. May Allah continue to give me and my wife the wisdom, strength, perseverance and courage to do what is right, and to make both our daughters ALesha & AdeLia proud. Wherever they both are, we will always be there for them. No sound parent would ever accept any unnecessary harm to be bestowed upon their children, especially by the hands of others.

With regards to the Inquest Result today for our Dearly Departed AdeLia, time and again has proven that everyone except JKM & KPWKM are doing the right thing for us, the aggrieved, as compared with what they have been proven to have chosen to do for the nursery. By the time they realize their direction was wrong, it'll be too late for them and too late for any mercy from us. Don't they know that Malaysia is also an 'Island that cannot survive by itself' ? The famous saying was 'No Man Is An Island' actually.

My Daughter AdeLia was never an 'acceptable loss' to this country. With the mindful approach made so that Malaysia's citizens are able to grasp and understand what has transpired to lead to Her demise, today will definitely not be Her elder sister ALesha's first and last time in the court-room. I say this because, if the taska was foolish enough to commit perjury/mendacity, wicked enough to lodge a false police report, greedy enough to transfer children from their registered nursery to their un-registered nurseries and confident enough that the corrupted few who shame the 'Public Servant' title, are their invincible buddies 'whom are covered', let us all now prove them wrong once and for all so that even the next 'an - najah educare centre' wannabe, is going to feel it. Godwilling, no one should ever under-estimate the 'Power of One'.
February 14, 2012 9:10 PM