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09 April 2011

Two Heads Are Better Than One

The best things in life are free, otherwise they should at least appear to be so. In talking about assets, they come in forms of either tangible or intangible ones.  For the former, there can usually be a 'price-tag' and 'monetary value' attached to them, while the latter's value is defined only by the beholder.  A very good way to come to terms with what we already have as an asset, is to appreciate them, so as to be reminded as well of the many other forgotten opportunities in life.  

Regardless whether we are just discovering or are in the middle of an effort to obtain assets, what counts is the sort of character that we become in the process of owning those assets.  Unlike the respectable few who humbly never forget their origins, the other extreme tend to drift into selfish acts which exploit other people, in order to fulfil their endless desire in being seen to be superior.  As assets do contribute to one's self-esteem, the actual satisfaction of having any asset is when the time comes to reminisce, he or she is able to maintain a clear conscience from all the effort, mechanism, sacrifice and risk that were put into the 'Equation'.    

As compared to the Principles of Leadership, problems relating to assets tend to occur when people start to think that 'Two Heads are NOT better than One'.  In Economics, this scenario would generally be described as the 'Abundance Versus Scarcity' Mentalities.  However, the worst of all problems in relation to Assets are manifested when one steals the assets of others, for whatsoever reason.  This is because not all victims are able to move on with their lives, until they are having the 'Upper-Hand' in setting things Right.

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