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18 April 2011

Walk it Like You Talk it

Due to the vast build up of knowledge, the need to ethically preserve wisdom and experience for the future generation is a must.  Reading materials provide both a strategic and tactical avenue for the current generation to refer to, and perhaps share their findings with those still around us.  Done correctly, the learning process becomes much faster as it is ludicrous for any one person to even try to know and remember everything at the same time.  Plus, what is obvious about what has been written down is simply that it must have been about something important and it must have been there for a reason not to be forgotten.

When one is unable or chooses not to physically see or hear, the next alternative would be to gauge their presence through their imagination.  When speaking of life events that have happened in the past or about those transpiring in the present, any event will only have a useful meaning once it has been put in writing.  Then from this point onwards, it allows their readers to independently develop an understanding of what has been written, whenever and from wherever they are.

As the world’s multilingual society develops for the better, so do the fields of studies that were necessary to bring about such progress.  Reading materials allow us all to imprint our names and contributions that were brought upon by us, and by those who have lived or passed on before us.  For a good reason, a written material can be either accepted, applicable, continued from the point that it was ‘left off’, or challenged for its credibility.  However for any reason a reader wants to do so, will only ‘carry weight’ when he or she also reciprocates in writing.                                  

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