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24 April 2011

Taking A Moment Of Fresh Air

In A Gregorian Calendar, a whole year is approximately equivalent to 52 weeks or 8,736 hours ( 24 hours X 7 days X 52 weeks ).  So in a year, minus all the typical hours that we spend daily on work, chores, sleep, on meals and even in the restroom, it doesn’t really leave us that much time for the things that we really want to do, if we are not careful with what is urgent and important.   

Since the dawn of time, there is a vast world waiting to be explored in the great outdoors, if somehow there was a way to make time to discover them.  What is enlightening is that The Will, Powers and Perfection of The Divine are just partly demonstrated by the Core of the Earth to as far as the Final Frontier of Space.  However one’s quest to be entwined with our mother nature needs both the whole-hearted determination and capability in order to successfully encounter any uncertain obstacle that may have not yet made its way into our books.

When we are out there, The ‘Law Of The Jungle’ applies and this is just the beginning.  Therefore to ensure that the expedition does minimal hazard to the people that are with us, is for everyone to embrace this particular law that has been proven through time and again, to have no limits at all.    

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