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28 April 2011

Let The Games Begin

Unless one goes for a draw, withdrawal, stalemate or is disqualified, there will be losers and winners in any sports competition.  While some are fortunate enough to be given worthy opponents, others don’t have such luck and are forced to face contestants who do don’t even have the slightest idea of what true sportsmanship is all about.  In either situation, people play to win and the win itself carries a different meaning for different people.  Therefore in grasping what winning will mean to the opponent, one shall be able to estimate how much of preparation, sacrifice, perseverance, resilience and effort that would probably go into the anticipated match that is about to take place.  No pain no game as they say.

‘On one side of the coin’, sports for the individual provides a healthy avenue for exercise and in principle feeds the person’s self-esteem in continuing to progress towards greater heights.  For the team that the person represents, sports build morale, unity and in professional cases create a commercial value by way of merchandise and creativity.  On the other side, are the ‘stake-holding’ spectators to the sport which can exert pressure to the extent of using and causing foul-play, that totally diminishes the whole purpose and spirit of the sporting event in the first place.  For such ‘esprit de corps’, there is much more for them to lose or gain than meets the eye.

The ultimate blessing of a championship game, is that the opponents are able to look at one another in the eye.  Despite the sore-losers, re-matches and appeals that may rise at the end of the game, it’s atleast during the point in time of the sport action itself, all eyes, ears and hopes are able to watch and cheer for the sports-men and women that do demonstrate their best in bringing pure sportsmanship to where it is due, especially in the likelihood of having all odds held against them.                        

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