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14 April 2011

If It Walks Like A Duck, And Quacks Like A Duck, Then It Probably Is A Duck

Where would we be without Laughter ? It is one of those things that livens up our day, and one of the most effective means of drawing some real attention.     Like the famous ‘Three Stooges’, there are also 3 possibilities as to where any joke is meant to be for, either on ourselves, or on to another person (singular) or implicated to a group of people (plural).  To put it simply, either the joke is on me, on him or her, or on them.  The closer the meaning of a joke is to what is happening in reality, the funnier the joke will definitely be and appeal to its listeners (or recipients).  Plus the simpler the words that are used to make up the joke, the more effective will the message be felt by the ‘intended listener’.
Commonly there are no rules to a joke, for as long as the ‘Joker’ gives the general listener a fair chance, moment, place, method and choice as to whether or not, to respond.  As for the ‘intended listener’, the same applies, on top of either he or she in being capable to realize that the joke had been directed towards him, her or them.  However, just because there are no rules nor boundaries, it is always wise to be cautious in what is being joked about, and the information that the joke is based upon.  This is because these days, it does not take much for a joke to totally backfire, or worse even ‘miss-fire’ from its initial purpose that will then pose a living nightmare back to the ‘Joker’.
So in today’s sophisticated environment combined with all sorts of human personalities, jokes are getting more interesting in the ways of how they are being presented to us and by whom they are presented by.  Surprisingly jokes these days which are creatively used to spread harmony, are just as much abused to inflict pain upon others.  This shows that any ‘Joker who does mean well’ in bringing Laughter to our Hearts, does have a ‘Clown villain’ that only wants to bring Sorrow to the Soul.        

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