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30 March 2011

A Friend In Need is A Friend Indeed

The saying 'No Man Is An Island' makes one think of how enlightening it must have been for the main characters of the movie 'Cast Away' and the novel of 'Robinson Crusoe'.  In contrast to a friendship, a person's acquaintance is rarely put to the same test of a true friendship, which requires time to nurture, in order for it to be everlasting.  Furthermore, the beauty of a friendship is its kindred spirit that does not limit the bond to exist just between people, but can also be extended to other living beings as well.

What matters most is that friendship allows us to deeply relate to one another straight from our hearts and minds in the ways of our God given five senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and even in taste.  Amazingly in silence or in distance, we would sometimes still be able to anticipate the likes and dislikes of the one we would regard to be as a friend.  This however would greatly depend on the unique circumstances or fragile origins of the friendship, as well as how it is left to naturally develop over a certain span of time.

So for as long as we are blessed with as many friendships in our lifetime, it is a chance that must not be missed or taken for granted.  Perhaps if not in the form of mass media or online text, friendships are the means to carry our very existence in a way that has brought upon some form of happiness and meaning to the lives of others.  With more and more relations being fostered based on true friendships, renders our name to be cherished whole-heartedly in the memories of all those we love and have lost. 

1 comment:

ben said...

Always remember the infamous Malay adage:

Teman ketawa... MUDAH di cari, teman menangis...SUKAR di cari!