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29 March 2011

Love Does Hurt as Much as it Brings Us Joy

I've always heard that 'Nothing Lasts Forever', but have always pictured it to be taking place in a time still far far away. For those who are blessed with a normal and pleasant love life, there are truly plenty of those who experience the feeling of love and to be loved in painful ways.  I remember as a child, where our love for our parents was all that we know of.  We were not even aware that for some of us, children without parents would have to find and fight for love from an early start, and make the best of it for as long as possible.

The love that we allow our hearts to give or receive, can be as sincere or superficial as we would want it to be, whether we realize it or not.  It can be shaped within our realm of control or otherwise, and may range in forms of material possessions, to activities and towards people (being the most complex from of Love).  The frightful aspect of Love, is that Love Cuts Both Ways.  This means that the more we love something, the more painful we will feel when we lose it.  However if we love something less than we were supposed to, we will be filled with much regret when realization surfaces at a time when it is too late to matter.

One thing is for sure, Love is a unique gift which is there for us to fill our lives with its pleasures, more than its sorrows.  But in order to experience this, one must be willing to sacrifice a tremendous amount of effort in order to deserve such Love, but simultaneously prepare oneself for that unpredictable time, which comes to reclaim that something we hold so dear to our hearts.  Hence Love is the natural principle in life that makes us simultaneously want to live forever and yet look forward to living just long enough until we have made amends with the things or people in which we will eventually have to leave behind.      


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